To all entrepreneurs in Africa:
We’re there for you in the long run.

Customized solutions for companies in emerging markets

We design, finance, own and operate your renewable energy power solution, without any upfront investment on your part. You pay for the use, based on customized, mostly monthly, payment schemes. Rely on our financial and technical expertise to build a tailor-made system for you, so that you can focus on your business.  


GRIPS gives its customers an easy and risk-free access to renewable energies based on project specific PPA, leasing, lease-to-own and other flexible contracting models.

Increase Reliability!
  • Avoid power cuts
  • Avert frequency and voltage fluctuations
  • Become grid-independent or grid parallel
  • Get uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
Reduce Costs!
  • Reduce diesel costs by replacing fossil fuels with  renewable energy
  • Lower your electricity bill from the public grid
Get Green & Clean!
  • Cut CO2 emissions
  • Reduce pollution
  • Increase air quality
  • Reduce your ecological footprint
  • Maximum renewable energy share
Customize Financing!
  • No upfront investments
  • Investment covered by GRIPS
  • Flexible contracting and payment schemes, e.g. leasing, lease-to-own
  • Reduce technology and operational risks


As we are technology and supplier neutral, we can propose the most suitable technology for each customer. This ranges from simple grid-connected PV systems up to complex full off-grid hybrid systems.


Solutions to reduce energy costs through replacement of grid power or diesel-generated electricity with cost-efficient renewable energy and hybrid systems.

Diesel-PV Hybrid 

You have a diesel-only power supply and are looking to reduce your diesel fuel costs. GRIPS will complement the existing diesel system with a PV system, replacing up to 40-50% of your diesel-generated electricity demand.

Grid-connected, Renewables-based Systems

Your primary energy supply is the public grid and you are looking to reduce your electricity bill. GRIPS will complement your existing power supply with on-site renewable electricity (e.g. PV or wind).

Modern Energy Storage Systems

Adding storage solutions such as an up-to-date Li-Ion battery system can reduce any capacity charges from public grid usage through lowering your contractual capacity demand, and lead to significantly higher electricity demand coverage.

Power Wheeling (off-site Large-scale systems)

You are a large energy consumer with a connection to the public grid, but not sufficient space on-site (respectively roof). GRIPS can deliver reliable and cheap electricity to your demand center from a nearby GRIPS large-scale renewables-based power plant.


Supply of continuous clean energy with high power quality. Avoid frequency, voltage and power variations or power cuts that disrupt your business.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

You want to ensure that your electronic equipment and hardware will be protected instantly in the case that the main power supply fails. GRIPS will complement your existing power supply with batteries designed to suit your objectives.

Battery Storage Integration

The quality of your primary energy supply poses a threat to the efficient and smooth operation of your production processes. GRIPS will complement your existing supply with an energy storage system.

Grid-Parallel Hybrid Systems

You often experience short or long power cuts from the public grid. GRIPS can provide a renewables-based solution (e.g. PV or wind) with an Energy Storage System (ESS) that will act as your main power supply and utilize your main grid connection (or diesel generator) as a back-up source.


Fully grid independent electricity supply with the highest possible share of economic renewable energy

Off-grid Hybrid Systems

You are developing a new energy concept for an existing or new facility / industrial complex and seek to set up your power supply fully independent from the public grid. GRIPS will design, finance, build and operate your power supply through a combination of renewable energy and storage technologies.


We develop new and customized solutions for our customers. Beside renewable energy generation and storage we can integrate further sustainable technologies – e.g. power to heat, renewable steam, and applications for sustainable energy for agricultural activities such as cooling, pumping or innovative use of biomass waste.


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Senegalese Farming: Harnessing Green Energy for Growth

Société des Cultures Légumières (SCL)

Grid-connected ground-mounted solar system that covers 45% of SCL's energy consumption.

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Rivonia Hybrid System

Rivonia Farm Products Ltd.

Rivonia is using the hybrid system – owned by GRIPS – within a long-term leasing contract.

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