Let’s make renewable energy affordable and easy to finance

We develop renewable and hybrid energy solutions by financing, building and operating sustainable power systems for our customers in emerging countries and areas where energy supplies are unreliable or expensive. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and foster economic growth in parts of the world where we can really make a difference, by making renewable energies affordable and easy to finance.

We provide technology and financing expertise so that you can focus on your business.

Minimize your financial, technological and operational risk and just pay for the use.

Minimized financial, technological and operational risk

No up-front investments, long-term competitive pricing and flexible payment options

Increased reliability and reduced costs

Scalable solutions, independent from expensive fossil fuel or grid-based supply

Optimized CO2 footprint and less pollution

We build and design power plants with a maximum renewable energy share

We finance, build and operate renewable power systems

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Affordable solutions for companies in emerging markets


The GRIPS method: from extensive assessment to reliable operations