About us

The Global Renewable Independent Power Supplier (“GRIPS”) supplies commercial and industrial energy consumers across all sectors with reliable, competitively priced and renewable-focused energy. Our activities foster economic growth and contribute towards CO2 reduction worldwide. We are technology agnostic and independent; we use the most suitable technology and implementation partners (e.g. EPCs) for each project.

GRIPS is part of and supported by econnext Group; a company aiming to scale profitable businesses and create sustainable change. Econnext builds impactful and profitable companies, different in their business models but all similar in their inherent potential to tackle significant social or environmental challenges. Econnext starts, advises and incubates these companies or works with young enterprises, steering and supporting them in accordance to their vision.


GRIPS is collaborating with a number of organizations and companies towards the advancement of renewable energies and the reduction of energy poverty globally. Through the implementation of its projects, GRIPS also maintains and expands a global network of EPC partners and project developers.


GRIPS won the 2016 Finance for Resilience (FiRe) award at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) “The Future of Energy” summit in New York. FiRe is an international platform of ideas that accelerate finance for clean energy, climate, sustainability and green growth.

GRIPS was a finalist of the 2014 Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance. The Climate Finance Lab is a global initiative that supports the identification and piloting of cutting edge climate finance instruments.