Enabling Distributed Renewables

Solar photovoltaics and wind energy are fast becoming the cheapest power sources globally. Clean energy systems are especially attractive in developing and industrialising countries: Many of these countries still lack reliable power supply despite close to ideal natural conditions for the use of renewable energy.

In off-grid and weak-grid areas, fossil-fuel-based power generation and the centralized distribution infrastructure it requires are commonly more expensive than battery-backed renewable energy mini-grids – in particular when considering the wide-spread subsidies for fossil fuels. And in regions that are already today plagued by frequent power outages, public grids will in the foreseeable future not be able to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for energy.

Distributed energy in the form of renewables-based mini-grids with modern battery storage is the logical answer. Another benefit of these is the significant reduction of exposure to oil price fluctuations, shortages of fuel supply and issues with fuel quality.

The GRIPS Portfolio

The Global Renewable Independent Power Supplier (“GRIPS”) finances, owns and operates renewable hybrid power plants. Through these we directly supply large industrial and commercial off-takers on the basis of individual power purchase agreements (“PPAs”). Our decentralized and grid-independent power solutions address the energy needs of a tremendous and steadily growing customer group, spanning from industrial and agricultural clients to the services sector. We aggregate our projects into a diversified, investable renewable energy project portfolio, offering our investors the chance to drive the decarbonisation of global power supply at attractive return levels and with a reduced risk profile.

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