Independent Energy Supply

The Global Renewable Independent Power Supplier (“Grips”) provides clean, competitive and reliable utility-scale energy to customers in off-grid and weak-grid areas. Our systems are tailored to large industrial and commercial energy consumers. With a single large entity serving as an anchor customer, energy supply may also be extended to surrounding communities and small businesses.

How do we do that? We finance, own and operate renewable hybrid energy systems on the basis of individual power purchase agreements (“PPAs”). You get CAPEX-free energy – 24/7 available and fully reliable.


Independent, stable energy supply


Long-term competitive pricing


CapEx-free: Grips finances, owns and runs the system


One-stop shop with full service for energy supply and efficiency


Significant reduction of carbon emissions

Energy as a Service

We are your one-stop shop for clean, competitive and reliable energy combining the activities of an independent power producer (“IPP”) and an energy service company (“ESCO”). We do not only produce electricity. We supply our customers with exactly the energy they need, on the spot and on a full-service basis. This includes the delivery of instrumental know-how on how to achieve energy-efficient processes.

Customer Profile

Grips operates globally with a focus on regions lacking a stable public electricity grid. We serve commercial and industrial energy consumers across all sectors – industry, agriculture as well as services. Whether you need energy for a greenfield project or want to improve the reliability of power supply of an existing site, Grips offers an attractive solution.

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